Million Faces is a boutique, sustainable production company that is committed to doing its part for the planet. Headquartered in the heart of Vancouver, Million Faces develops and produces creative content for the global market.


Joely Collins is a Canadian, British award-winning producer, director and actress. She has worked with major studios, broadcasters and networks and has created and delivered award-winning content.

With a combination of artistic talents and business acumen, Joely founded Million Faces Productions in 2015. Her first success was CODED, the critically acclaimed digital series, which BuzzFeed named, one of the ‘Top Ten Series to Watch’.


Joely advocates for diversity and inclusivity in the film industry and is passionate about creating more dynamic roles for women on and off screen. With her newest project, a documentary series, Joely hopes to help empower young women. She is also in development with a new dramatic series, DISMISSED.