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6 Episodes x 8 Minutes



Shae Fitzgerald thinks his new teaching job is a perfect chance to change the world. Unfortunately, his class, five students with severe emotional and cognitive problems, doesn’t share his enthusiasm. Shae must also contend with Sarah, the war-hardened principal, Rachel, the back-stabbing VP, and Carly, the mother of a student who has Shae in her sights. Shae crosses the line most teachers don’t cross: the one that leads into his students’ personal lives. This brings him into ethical territory that grows increasingly murky, until he risks sacrificing everything on the altar of his idealism.

Producer: Joely Collins
Writer: Steve Neufeld
Directors: Gary Harvey and Nigel Edwards


Coming-of-age Drama
98 Minutes


Becoming Redwood

In 1969, from the backseat of a VW van, two-year-old Redwood Forrest Hanson watched his mother leave his father for good. At this moment, Redwood, aided with the radio news of another Jack Nicklaus victory, had the beginning of a stressed induced epiphany: Beat Jack at the Masters, and his parents would reunite. Eight years later, Redwood has yet to defeat Jack. Suddenly his father is arrested and Redwood is sent to live with his estranged mother where he meets his new 'family'. Redwood's dream seems crushed forever...until Gramps reveals a secret golf tip that could help him beat the world's greatest golfer.

Producer: Joely Collins, Chad Willett
Writer/Director: Jesse James Miller


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Coming Soon

We are currently in development on a new doc project, stay tuned for more information.


A Rave-umentary                    
60 Minutes



Summer Love

Sex, drugs, Electronica.  Summer Love is a beat-driven journey into the heart of Canada’s west coast rave culture.  Four friends. Four cameras. One massive party.

Set in a beautiful valley within the coastal mountains of British Columbia, Summer Love follows four friends – the promoter, the hostess, a partier and a musician on a journey through the rave from each of their points of view. Summer Love exposes the inner workings of BC’s now historic organic contribution to the growing electronic global culture, known as rave and why this movement impacted a generation around the world.

Producer: Joely Collins
Writer/Director: Joely Collins